Lawrence High School - Class of 1962

Lawrence, Kansas

The 50th reunion will be held the weekend of September 28-30, 2012 at the Holidome.

Please E-mail with any new information, questions, or updates.

If your contact information has changed, fill out the Class List Contact Information Form.

Check back at this website often for the latest updates.  

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Class Information

Class of 1962 E-mail Address

The LHS Class of 1962 E-mail address: Please use the address to get your questions answered, make suggestions, express concerns, report problems, etc.

Class of '62's Planning Meetings

Please mark your calendars for our meetings this year, scheduled for the second Thursday of each month, at Paddy O'Quigleys in the Lawrence Holidome, . We’ll gather, as usual, around 6:00-6:30 p.m., and try to start the meeting by no later than 7:00. Meeting dates are: January 12; February 9; March 8; April12; May 10; June 14; July 12; August 9; September 13. The 50th Reunion weekend is set for September 28-30, 2012.

Don't forget our next gathering is Thursday, May 10th, 6:30 p.m. at the Holidome.

Order Your Class of '62 45th Reunion Pictures CD or DVD

Larry Crady has organized all of the photos and put together a wonderful picture/music presentation of our reunion weekend. The CD has all the pictures and picture/music presentation to watch on your computer. The DVD has just the picture/music presentation to watch on your TV. If you would like to purchase a CD and/or DVD of our 45th reunion please contact:

Larry Crady The cost is $10


Missing Addresses

Please look through the following names. These are people with whom we’ve lost contact. If you have information on them or suggestions of how we can find them, please e-mail it to Lynn Lindsay Thanks

Ankrom, Aubrey
Austin, Ginger
Bamberg, Raymond
Beer-Reed Rona
 Beers, Roger
Bloom, Ronnie
Brickner, Larry
Coffman Eddy, Linda
Cohen, Robert
Craig, Harold Skip
Dennis Condell, Juanita
Dietrich, Bob
Dixon Lehman, Linda
Dolifka Lee, Joann
Edgerton Skinner, Virginia
Facklam Morton, Rosemary
Gjelistad Sorenson, Cammie
Glasgow Connor, Mary Sue
Godfrey, Mary
Griffiths, Walter
Guy, Richard
Hayes Adams, Sharon
Higley Cormode, Charla
Hinton, Margaret
Houk Smith, Karen
Houser Ruthchild, Cynthia

Howell Roberts, Joan
James, Stephen
Kennedy, Sam
Lavay, Gregory
Lavery, David
Lenon, Kenneth
Lutz, Darrel
Marquez, Miriam
Martin, Jeff
McCune, Leslie
Mills, John
Njeim, Elizabeth
Norman, David "Butch"
North Miller, Rhonda
O'Conner, Terry
Orr, Terry
Osborn, Richard
Pfeifer, Dorcas
Phillips Lucas, Jean
Pritchett, Jerry
Richardson Sterrett, Christine
Robson, Ronnie

Schmidt, Stanley
Schultz McGrath, Kathleen
Seltzer Belfor, Pamela
Simpson, Tony
Smith Athey, Joyce
Smith Duersch, Sandra
Smith, Stephen
Smithmeyer Krietsch, Mary
Sparks Maness, Diana
Stine, David
Surles, Sandra
Thompson Kelin, Cindy
Thornton Smith-Brite, Cheryl
Tomlinson, Kent
Vogler Noble, Roberta
Wagner, Ruth
Walker, Pat
Webb, Elizabeth
Wells Hunsinger, Judy
Wiggins Berg, Janet
Williams, Frank
Wilson Folks, Paula
Worley, Gary
York, Frank






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